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In order to talk about the beginning impotence, one of the above points is enough. Primary - in this case, the man never had a single case of erection, including during puberty, or his phallus never reached the required consistency for a full-fledged sexual intercourse associated with the introduction into the vagina. Secondary - before the onset of erectile dysfunction, the man had sexual intercourse at least once. This option is more common.

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With the psychological mechanism of the onset of pathology in the morning in men, there is a filling of the penis with blood, which indicates that the body is healthy and in physiological terms, all systems associated with the possibility of sexual intercourse are working normally. Mild erectile dysfunction of psychogenic occurrence usually appears suddenly, but with a careful analysis of the situations preceding this, usually the patient himself manages to find the moment that became the impetus for the problem. These can be constant conflicts in relations with a partner, her tactless behavior aimed at a man's sexual self-esteem, inappropriate environment, fear during coitus, oversaturation with sex, etc.

Inability to achieve orgasm in a setting and with partners that match VKmustache and addictions of a particular man

Organic erectile dysfunction manifests itself gradually, over time, the symptoms become more pronounced. Sexual attraction in men remains, but at the same time, there is no opportunity to complete a full-fledged sexual intercourse and bring it to its logical end.